Blessed are those who mourn.

Over the coming months I am going to be holding a few events that I have decided to entitled “Blessed are those who mourn”. The first will be “An evening of Lamentation” to introduce some of the ideas and explain what I am looking at and doing over the coming months. The second will be “At Christmas” (or possible another, better subtitle when I’ve thought of one), creating a provision for those facing Christmas without a loved one, with illness etc who will find the season of celebration difficult.

Sometimes Christians try to sell faith as making everything alright, as long as you have God life is good. Selling God as a product like any good advertiser or marketing department (buy into this and you find fulfilment/happiness). Not only does this not ring true to experience but neither does it ring true with the Bible. What do we do with “Blessed are those who mourn” if God’s blessings mean that we don’t experience the suffering and mourning. Why would those who mourn be blessed if this was the case? It just doesn’t add up nor make sense.

I also think that this goes deeper than the blessing for those who mourn for their own situation (although this is definitely a big part of it),  I think that there is a wider sense of mourning, a mourning for the imperfect world that we live in, a mourning that the Kingdom is coming but is not fully here and that therefore people live through difficult situations and there is little justice in the world. I don’t think it is a passive mourning though, I think it is a mourning that drives us to action, that means that we want to act to help bring the Kingdom and to bring healing to people’s situations.

And so I suppose these tho things, encapsulated by the second of the Beatitudes is what “Blessed are those who mourn” and the events/services that I organise are about.


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