My First Liturgy

After Pete Rollins and Vince Anderson’s event at Greenbelt this year (Declaration of Doubt), I was inspired to have a go at writing my own liturgy, which was one of the suggested activities for people who agree and want to help see change. You can read about the event over at Rev’d Lesley’s blog here.

Here it is my first and, so far, only liturgy. We used it Sanctum a few weeks ago, and it seemed to be received fairly well. I’d be interested in getting a wider range of opinions though. And should anyone wish to use it, please go for it (either as it is or adapted), it would be great to hear about how/when/where you use it!

On Friday  you experienced the full force of human suffering

You called out “My God, my God, why have your forsaken me?”

This is your story; it is our song

Help us to embrace our suffering

We will embrace it

Our grief

We will embrace it

Our Illness

We will embrace it

Our Confusion

We will embrace it

The difficult times and the sad times

We will embrace them

The experiences of a broken and imperfect world

We will embrace them

Let us spend a few moments bringing to mind and to God our stories of suffering….

This is our story; it is our song

Where two or three of us gather to share our stories, God promises to be also

We will share together in his presence

On Sunday you were resurrected, rising from your experience of hell

We too will find resurrection, we will rise from our hell

All things God works for the good of those who love him

Take our experiences and use them for good

And where we find hell on earth

Help us to bring the peace of heaven



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