The Gospel According to James.

The reason for me blogging has come up in conversation with people recently and one of them suggested that I should talk about it in a post, which I had considered doing, so here it is.

The main point in me blogging is to create discussion. It isn’t supposed to be “The Gospel According to James”, people can disagree with me and discuss with me and between themselves the subjects bought up. Although there hasn’t been a lot of comments on the blog, lately one or two have started to be posted and discussion has happened else where as well. Ultimately if discussion doesn’t build around the blog eventually then I won’t continue with it, but I want to give it long enough to see whether this would build up or not.

The blog is about raising questions and not always necessarily about giving answers and making statements. It is about questioning and exploring different subjects to see where this takes me/us. It’s not really possible to communicate my thought process that leads to a post on the blog and so I think sometimes the intention gets lost.

The blog is about challenging things but that is about challenging myself as much as it is as challenging anyone else. I always reflect on what it would mean for me in my life, sometimes I include this in the post but not always. But I do always bring it back round to myself and see how I may be challenged by the post.

The blog really is a dumping ground for my thoughts, a place to release them and see what they may become. Sometimes I may even post views that are not even my own views but ones which I want to explore and see where they go.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of where I am coming from with the blog and allows people to greater understand and, perhaps, engage with it.


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