Serious doubt is confirmation of faith.

Paul Tillich wrote that “serious doubt is confirmation of faith.” At first, and to many, this would seem a contradictory statement that can’t make sense. Indeed for many Christians certainty is the confirmation of faith.

I very much feel that I identify with the statement from Tillich; to misquote Lewis Carroll it sometimes feels like I’ve had 6 contradictory thoughts about faith before breakfast. My walk of faith is an uncertain one and often my only honest answer is “I don’t know”. I have wondered on several occasions if I was loosing my faith, only to find it restored once again.

Serious doubt is confirmation of faith for me because it means that I care, that wrestling with this often confusing and difficult thing called faith is worth it for me. That I am willing to continue to engage, question, search, and pray through the difficult periods in my faith, the periods where it seems that all is lost and it seems pointless surely indicates that I have faith and that I take it seriously.

I’m not claiming this to be the only confirmation of faith but without doubt it certainly is one if the ways in which faith is confirmed.


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